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I am Lekan Bashua


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    Delivering Workplace-As-A-Service.
    Ikea meets Houzz for Offices.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. My name is not Jack.

  • call_made

    The Future

    Can't stop thinking about it,
    So I spend my time building it.

  • laptop_mac


    I'm obsessed. If it can be built, we should build it.

  • book


    I can't imagine a worse fate than not being able to keep learning.

  • call_received

    The Past

    Its the little gems of how things unfolded that I love so much.

  • details


    When done right, its arrogance, humility and empaty fused together.

  • flight


    Wunderlust. To discover a new place. Its like a drug. I'm an addict.


I've been fortunate to live and travel in different parts of the world. I realize more and more everyday how I'm shaped by my collective experiences in these places.

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